What You Should Be Aware Of When Dating A Millionaire

Want to date a millionaire? There are plenty of millionaires all over the world ready to date and meet a partner they want to spend time with for the short term or long term too, depending on how good their date is.

Many millionaires are ready to fly across continents to meet their date and even fly their dates first class, if they fancy it.  But you should be aware of certain things before you go on a date with a millionaire. A craving for luxurious life or any man with an attractive bank account does not necessarily become a part of the millionaire dating sites. Reputed sites have certain criteria that have to be met with before the date is arranged.

Here are some of the important criteria:

No gold diggers

This is the first and foremost criteria for a female looking to date a millionaire. If a girl starts demanding for luxury cruises, expensive dresses and accessories, it is guaranteed that she will be dropped like a hot potato. But if the millionaire date wants to buy her expensive things or take her on trips, it is alright to accept.

Actually men like to spend lavishly on their dates, if it is on their own accord. They do not like to be coerced into buying things.  Some millionaires even buy expensive jewelry on the second date, if they are impressed with the girl. Some just like to shower their date with gifts, whenever they meet up.

Give as good as you get

Women should be ready to give back though not in the range of their millionaire counterparts but by actions such as baking cookies, making dinner etc.  Instead of just keeping on accepting gifts from men, women should try to give back in some way or the other to show their appreciation.

But do not try to pay for your half of the bill or for any other shopping, as it sends off the wrong signal to men and they will not be happy. The best way to show your appreciation is with a huge kiss. It works always!

It’s not all about the women

Yes, the male members too are scrutinized thoroughly before they are permitted to date. A good grooming is must. Some sites even ask the men to buy new outfits, cut their hair or even have their teeth fixed or whatever it takes to make them attractive enough for women to go on a date with them. And creepy or unrealistic requests from men are taboo and are rejected outright.

While the scrutiny does not extend to verifying the bank account of the men outright, questions that give some idea about the value of the man like the car he owns, his lifestyle, business or employment etc. are requested either directly or indirectly. After all it is a millionaire dating site, right!

Based on how well the first date goes and the feedback given, the services allow more dates with the same girl if requested. Most often a thorough screening of both male and female members is done to ensure safety and make the date a memorable experience for the persons involved.


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